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Gift Shopping

Gift Wrapping

We wrap most items for free. Unless it is too large to wrap, we can wrap it for you.

Personal Shopping

We're here to make gift shopping easy! Call us with a budget and a few recipient details, when you arrive we'll have it wrapped and ready to go!


Birthday Buckets

Birthday Buckets are a fun way for kids to get ready for their birthday! They can come in and select the gifts they'd like to receive. Let party goers know they have a bucket--and shopping for a gift will be a breeze. And we'll wrap for Free!

Baby Registry

Register with us for your upcoming bundle of joy! From baby skin care to clothes to toys, we have an amazing selection of necessities you and baby are sure to love!

Event Room Rental

  • $100
  • 2 Hour Space Rental
  • Deposit Paid Up Front
  • Cash, Check, or Card
What's Included
  • 18 Chairs
  • 2 - 8ft Tables
  • 12ft Display Table
  • 2 - 3ft Round Tables
  • 1 Staff Member
  • 1 Cooler (No ice)
  • 20% Off Activity Kits or Party Favors for Party
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Signed Agreement Required
  • 12 Children Limit
  • Children must be accompanied by adult at all times
  • Food and Drinks must be provided by host
  • Call 843-664-8383 or email to book.
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